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Top 10 Mobile Couponing Best PracticesAllMarketingAll
Learn the top 10 best practices on how retailers can start implementing mobile coupons into their existing marketing strategy today.
Consumer Opt-In SolutionsAllAllAll
The consumer communications landscape has changed for today’s organizations. The impact of federal regulations, along with the rise of consumer choice, has forced companies to re-evaluate their communications strategies. Not only is there a need to ensure that messages are effective, but messages must also be compliant, desired, relevant and delivered via the optimal channels. Building an opt-in database delivers much value to an organization and is an investment that can have long-term rewards.
Exposure to compliance risk is at an all-time high. Genesys enables contact centers to manage compliance.
Mobile Marketing Overview AllAllAll
Our mobile marketing solutions enable clients to leverage the power of the mobile device to acquire customers, establish stronger relationships, increase response rates, enhance customer loyalty, and maximize ROI.
Cloud DialerAllContact CenterVoice Messaging
Genesys’s cloud dialer allows organizations to replace on-premise investments entirely, cost-effectively address capacity issues and support disaster recovery needs.     
Hosted Contact CenterAllContact CenterMulti-Channel Messaging
The Genesys Business Edition Contact Center offering supports inbound and outbound multi-channel communications which is complemented by a complete suite of routing, CTI, and agent utilization tools, as well as customer insight, analysis, and decisioning. The Genesys Business Edition Contact Center offering sits on the Genesys Customer Experience Platform to bring you the proven, global, robust set of capabilities, making it the right choice for your business, now and in the years to come.
Proactive Customer Communications OfferingAllAllMulti-Channel Messaging
Organizations are making a dramatic shift from reactive to Proactive Customer Communications. These organizations recognize that in order to achieve sustainable results and to foster trusted, lifelong, and profitable relationships, they must communicate proactively throughout all stages of the customer lifecycle.
Local ConnectCollectionsVoice Messaging
How can legitimate businesses cost-effectively reach these debtors to collect payments? Local Connect can help. Recent studies reveal that call recipients are far more likely to answer a call with a local phone number on the Caller ID. Local Connect also drives more right party conversations which translate into more revenue.
Fraud Management SolutionFinancial ServicesFraud ManagementMulti-Channel Messaging
Genesys’s Fraud Management Solution is a real-time, interactive, multi-channel cardholder communications solution. The solution enables banks to alert, uncover, and resolve the growing number of suspicious credit and debit card transactions in a highly efficient and effective way.  
Agent PortalAllCollectionsMulti-Channel Messaging
Agent Portal is the latest feature in a suite of agent productivity tools recently made available on the Genesys Engage™ Platform. While Agent Portal addresses the needs of collection agencies and the collection departments of enterprise organizations, it was designed to provide agents with real-time account information that may be critical for many types of customer interactions.
Web Services API Multi-Channel Messaging
The Genesys Web Services API makes it possible to seamlessly incorporate Proactive Customer Communications into your business. The API enables users to integrate Genesys’s automated voice, text, and email communications into their own business applications, according to their business rules and technical needs.
Security and ComplianceMulti-Channel Messaging
Genesys understands how critical the security and integrity of customer data is to an organization's Proactive Customer Communications strategy. Thus, we have implemented stringent security practices to ensure that all data is kept safe and confidential. Dedicated security personnel oversee these practices and are responsible for all of Genesys’s data and physical security.
Genesys Engage Reporting AllAllMulti-Channel Messaging
Genesys looks to support the reporting and analytics needs of all constituencies in an organization, so that all parties understand the impact of a communications strategy and use that information to achieve – and often times surpass -- their business goals.
LIHEAP Enrollment SolutionEnergy & UtilitiesCustomer CareMulti-Channel Messaging
Genesys provides Proactive Customer Communications solutions that accelerate enrollment and increase participation in Low Income Home Assistance Programs (LIHEAP) and Weatherization Assistance Programs (WAP). Utilities that augment their traditional direct mail, advertising or community outreach efforts with a multi-channel communications solution consistently achieve their LIHEAP/WAP enrollment and re-certification objectives faster.
Interactive Text MessagingAllAllText Messaging
Genesys text messaging provides many robust features to enable a variety of mobile and contact center solutions. With support for both one-way alerts and interactive text message dialogs, it provides an immediate, cost-effective, and unobtrusive method of communications for engaging with today’s mobile consumer.
Genesys Engage PlatformAllAllMulti-Channel Messaging
Genesys Engage is a cloud-based, multi-channel communications platform which enables organizations to proactively communicate with their customers over their preferred communications channels.
Campaign Strategy Manager Multi-Channel Messaging
The Campaign Strategy Manager integrates decisioning strategy with the Genesys Engage™ Platform. It enables organizations to develop and manage Proactive Customer Communications strategies that best fit their business goals.
Contact Center Text Messaging SolutionCustomer CareText Messaging
Genesys’s Contact Center Text Messaging Solution empowers your organization to communicate with consumers over a preferred communications channel using their mobile devices.
Preference Management SolutionAllAllMulti-Channel Messaging
By combining stated and implied preferences, you gain valuable insight that will lead to deeper customer engagement and improved response rates, resulting in trusted, lifelong, profitable relationships. Establishing a preference management program requires a combination of technology, resources and a detailed strategy to capture and manage consumer communications preferences.
Preference Management Readiness Assessment SolutionMulti-Channel Messaging
Genesys collaborated with Forrester Consulting to develop the “Customer Communications Preference Management Maturity Model.” By utilizing a detailed questionnaire and scorecard, this model establishes three key stages of customer preference management, along with the criteria for separating the leaders from the strivers and laggards.
Debit Card Overdraft Enrollment SolutionFinancial ServicesCustomer CareMulti-Channel Messaging
The Genesys Debit Card Overdraft Enrollment Solution proactively reaches cardholders through any combination of automated voice, text, and email messaging. Enrollment messages comply with Federal requirements, and the solution can send email confirmations and right-to-revoke notifications to the cardholder.
Multi-Channel Communications PlatformAllAllMulti-Channel Messaging
Only Genesys can address the changing business needs of Fortune 1000 organizations. The Genesys Engage Platform provides organizations around the world with a flexible, on-demand solution to help transform their traditional communications strategies to take advantage of consumers’ growing preferences for mobile phones and multiple communications channels.
Making Home Affordable (MHA) Accelerator Solution Financial ServicesCustomer CareMulti-Channel Messaging
Genesys’s MHA Accelerator Solution is designed to help mortgage servicers increase the number of trial modifications started and completed resulting in stronger servicer performance and a more consistent, quality experience for the borrower. It improves borrower communications and information exchange at the four key stages in the loan modification process: Qualification, Processing, Trial Period, and Underwriting.
Loyalty Rewards Program SolutionRetailMarketingMulti-Channel Messaging
Genesys’s Loyalty Rewards Program Solution utilizes our on-demand, multi-channel communications platform, Genesys Engage™, to deliver interactive, intelligent voice, text, and email messaging. By leveraging the Genesys Loyalty Rewards Program Solution, organizations can have more effective communications that help solidify relationships and increase loyalty, leading to greater customer satisfaction and higher spend.
CTI Connect Multi-Channel Messaging
Genesys CTI Connect bridges an organization’s contact center infrastructure to the Genesys Engage Platform enabling a high-quality customer service experience while reducing operational costs.
Autopayment InterfaceVoice Messaging
The Genesys customer contact platform now includes Agentless Direct Collect, an autopayment interface which allows Genesys scripts to collect payments from customers and to process those payments in real-time. Agentless Direct Collect enables Genesys to seamlessly integrate fully-automated inbound and outbound calls with a number of market-leading payment processing platforms via a combination of advanced telephony and XML.
Voice MessagingVoice Messaging
Genesys voice messaging delivers relevant and personalized communications to large volumes of customers around the world. Depending on your business objectives, these high quality messages can reduce inbound call volumes, increase customer self-service, or when warranted, connect customers to customer service representatives in your contact center.
Evolving Consumer PreferencesAllCustomer CareText Messaging
Fifty-two percent of consumers prefer to communicate with a company’s customer service center over the text messaging channel versus other communications channels, including a phone call, webchat, or email.
Email Messaging Email Messaging
Adding Genesys’s email messaging to your communication strategy gives you the ability to reach your customers through a popular and often preferred communications channel. When used as part of a multi-channel strategy, email reinforces your existing communications efforts, increasing customer response rates.

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