CTI Connect Integration

Deliver quality customer service interactions by integrating your contact center technology with the SoundBite platform.


CTI Connect enables contact centers to match caller needs to agent resources.  SoundBite CTI Connect makes it possible for organizations to easily integrate CTI functions such as screen pops, intelligent call routing, and dynamic call pacing into their contact center.

The CTI Connect Solution provides a variety of ready-built software plug-ins to speed the integration between SoundBite and leading telephony and interactive voice response systems, such as Avaya, Cisco ICM, and Genesys.

  • Intelligent call routing delivers the right call to the right agents or self-service applications faster, saving money and improving customer satisfaction
  • Warm transfers with screen pops simultaneously connect callers and their associated data with available customer service representatives
  • Call pacing adjusts outbound call volume based on incoming contact center activity, resulting in immediate service and a positive customer experience


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